TutoADS Network

Mobile advertising & cross-promotion in the cutest games for children. Kid-safe, family-friendly & truly global.


TutoTOONS Game Studio

TutoTOONS is a mobile entertainment company focused on developing and publishing inspiring games for kids ages 3 to 12. Our team is dedicated to creating high-quality games, delivering safe mobile experience and bringing smiles to kids’ faces.

Smolsies phone game
20M+ Downloads
5M+ Monthly Active Users
Fluvsies phone game
10M+ Downloads
6M+ Monthly Active Users
My baby uniconr phone game
22M+ Downloads
3M+ Monthly Active Users

TutoADS Network

TutoADS is an ad network that we have developed and refined over the past 3 years. It is mostly used to cross-promote our own mobile games, but we are offering advertising (and creative production) packages for other kid- and family-friendly apps upon request.

Tutotoons owl
Advertising only in TutoTOONS games for kids.
Tutotoons ads
Various ad formats: rewarded video, interstitial video, interstitial static and “panel” (game icon).
Basic targeting options: country, app source, OS. Campaign priority control.
You can see stats!
Full visibility on Impressions, Clicks, Installs, CTR, IR and ITI (Impression to Install) on a campaign and creative level.
COPPA and GDPR compliant!
Safe, COPPA and GDPR compliant. Read our Privacy Policy.

Reach & Audience

Main audience is Kids, mainly girls, ages 3 to 12.

Worldwide, with main GEOs being the USA, UK, Brazil, Russia, Germany.
Available for iOS, Android and Amazon apps.


Work With Us

If you would like to advertise your family-friendly app or game with TutoADS, write to us at support@tutotoons.com.